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1 February 2020

REALITYLINE is a platform that lets entrepreneurs create posts about their business ideas and launch them in the fastest and most cost-efficient way possible.


It all starts in your head with a killer business idea that will change the world. Whether that is socially, economically, or in any way you see it going. Our founder, an active member on the platform has been coming up with crazy ideas since the young age of 15 and couldn't find anyone knowldegeable enough to guide him or help him launch a basic concept.


REALITYLINE is a platform where entrepreneurial ideas meet market intelligence and freelance talent in order to make the wildest ideas come true. Many entrepreneurs struggle to get their ventures off the ground and for the rare few that do, they might realize it wasn't a profitable venture after all.

Our world-class data provides new entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need about their industry, competitors and concept in order to figure out every aspect of their ventures in the most cost-efficient way possible before it's too late. No more hiring expensive firms to come up with fancy reports and feasibility studies. 

You don't need to be a tech wizz or a someone with connections in silicon valley to launch a million dollar idea. You don't need to know wealthy investors to launch your million dollar idea either. REALITYLINE has got you covered!

We carefully review every post and select the top performers to be part of our funding program in order to help you launch your venture on the right foot and be ahead of the competition! 

We aim to put entrepreneurship in the hands of everyone and empower every soul to strive for entrepreneurship no matter where they are around the world, no matter their age, how much money they have in the bank and no matter how much they know about business.

We are a company that values new ideas, innovative thinking, new ways of doing things and most of all cooperation. It is the backbone of our own business and the way that we do things. You will find yourself collaborating with various team members from the company, freelancers and even other entrepreneurs to make your dreams come true. That's what makes entrepreneurship fun!

In simple terms, REALITYLINE helps you figure out if your idea is worth the sweat then helps you launch it!


Let's get it.


With love,